FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM: Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Block Covid Funding For States That Prevent Church Worship

WASHINGTON — Senator Ted Cruz has introduced legislation that would withhold Coronavirus funding to states and localities that prevent in church worship citing Covid restrictions.

The Safeguarding Americans from Coronavirus and Religious Exercise Discrimination (SACRED) Act would penalize the states and localities that Attorney General William Barr determines are targeting people of faith with religious discrimination.

“Throughout this pandemic we’ve seen numerous examples of state and local governments instituting discriminatory regulations that unfairly target people of faith and which restrict houses of worship from operating while exempting secular gatherings and operations from the same rules,” Cruz said in a statement.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, Cruz has been a strong opponent of any legislation that infringes upon the right of citizens to worship freely in their chosen place of worship, warning of the slippery slope that such actions could lead to and the importance of protecting religious freedoms.

“As Congress continues to provide relief funds to combat the impact of COVID-19, it is crucial that we protect the First Amendment right of religious liberty from discrimination,” Cruz’s statement continued. “That’s why I’ve introduced the SACRED Act. By blocking funds from governments that discriminate against religious organizations, we can fairly protect religious liberty and the rights of those who seek to gather together safely for worship.”


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