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THE PRICE OF BEING WHITE: Restaurant admits to charging white customers more than blacks to highlight ‘wage inequality’

NEW ORLEANS, La. — A New Orleans restaurant has admitted to charging white customers more for their meals than blacks in an effort to protest against “wage inequality”.

According to a report published by New Orleans ABC affiliate WGNO, Saartj, a restaurant inside the Roux Carre market on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., says it’s intentionally overcharging whites to spark a conversation about a perceived white privilege.

The restaurant’s head chef, Tunde Wey, says white customers can expect to pay $30 for a typical Nigerian food dish, while black customers are asked to pay $12.

“Saartj combines food with critical discourse. We are a space for important and ernstwhile marginalized perspectives. We cook and discuss what ought to be acknowledged,” the food shop states on its website.

According to Wey, seventy-eight percent of white customers have thus far chosen to pay the extra fee.

“Refusing to pay more comes off as anti-social and people don’t want to be judged for that,” Mr. Weytold Civil Eats. “People look on the other side of the till and see me standing there and they’re thinking that I’m judging them.”

Wey said the decision to do so reveals a mistaken tendency on the part of white people to perceive their wealth as “justly acquired”.

“The ownership of wealth has been contingent on taking from someone else,” the chef said, “and money doesn’t distill virtue on you.”

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