WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump has selected a former rival to help him win the war on drugs.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who once waged a battle against Trump to secure the republican nomination for president, has been selected by his former political foe to help the Trump administration conquer the addiction epidemic.

Appearing on the Fox News morning program Fox & Friends on Wednesday, Christie said he is passionate about the issue.

“This is an epidemic in our country and what this task force hopes to do is look at the issue of prevention, obviously the interdiction of drugs before they come to our country, but also and very importantly the issue of treatment,” said Christie.” “Addiction is a disease and we need to treat it that way and we need to give people help they need, to renew their lives and be productive members to society.”

Christie’s new role may indicate that Trump may be grooming him to fill the position of ‘drug czar’ in the Office of National Drug Control Policy once his tenure as New Jersey governor ends in January. The role is still vacant, leaving D.C. insiders guessing.

Asked Wednesday by Fox News about who may tapped to fill the opening, a White House official said an announcement is expected “very soon.” Obama appointee Michael Botticelli is still serving as drug czar until the president announces a selection of his own .

Appearing alongside Trump at the White House, Christie took part in a round table discussion on the opioid and drug abuse epidemic that has swept the nation.

“[Drug addiction] is really one of the biggest problems our country has and no one wants to talk about it,” Trump said.


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