WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, who came forward this week with information that the Obama administration collected and shared information from surveillance of President Trump’s transition team told a waiting throng of reporters that documents he’s been shown “concerned” him.

“There’s some information in those documents that concerned me and I don’t think belonged in there,” Nunes, (R-Calif.), told the press.

While Nunes said it appeared the information obtained on Trump and his associates was collected legally through a FISA order, the real concern, he said, was that the names of some of the people surveiled were unmasked.

“It appears like this was all legal survillance from what I can tell,” he said, but then added: “You have to ask why were names unmasked. Maybe someone has a good reason for it but not from what I’ve been able to read.”

When asked how many individuals names had been unmasked Nunes said that remains to be seen.

“There was additional unmasking that was done in the documents I read the other day. I don’t know who asked for them to be unmasked, i just know there are more,” he said.

Nunes also addressed president Trump’s concerns that Trump Tower had been wiretapped, saying that those allegations appeared unfounded.

“There was no wiretapping of Trump Tower — that didn’t happen,” he said.

Nunes caused an uproar in D.C. on Wednesday when he told reporters that he had been provided with information that seemed to support president Trump’s allegations that he and members of his administration had been surveiled without their knowledge at some point just prior to and after Trump’s election.

Meanwhile, Fox News’ James Rosen reported on Friday that the National Security Agency is expected to produce more documents to the committee on the matter, including what a source described as a potential “smoking gun” to substantiate Trump’s spy claims.

King, a member of the Intelligence Committee, told Ed Henry on “America’s Newsroom” (http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/03/24/its-scandalous-rep-king-says-nunes-had-tell-trump-about-obama-surveillance) that the details emerging could only be described in one word: “scandalous.”

Noting that the intelligence obtained had nothing to do with Russia, a claim highly touted Democrat leaders, King said the fact that names were revealed was a blatant violation of law.

“Much of this information was then unmasked and sent throughout the intelligence community and it looks as if, to me, this is surveillance. … This goes against the law and regulations,” said King.

Additional intelligence is expected to be released by the NSA by Friday.



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