OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — Another high ranking member of government has been caught up in the now infamous Pizzagate scandal that rocked social media last fall.

Republican Sen. Ralph Shortey of Oklahoma City has been charged with engaging in child prostitution, transporting a minor for prostitution and engaging in prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church after police say he was discovered in a motel with the unidentified boy.

According to a report released by local police, a juvenile boy was found in a motel room with Shortey in Moore, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City, on March 9. The boy’s name and age have been retracted to protect his identity. Police say they are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident but a warrant has been issued for Shortey’s arrest.

On Wednesday, the Oklahoma Senate imposed sanctions on Shortey, voting 43-0 for a resolution that accuses him of “disorderly behavior.” The measure blocks Shortey from taking part in future Senate committees, removes his access to expense allowances and authorship of bills, revokes his right to an executive assistant and bars him from occupying office.

The arrest is just the latest in a series of crackdowns quietly being authorized by the Trump administration into infiltrate child sex rings.

Allegations of such rings first came to light last fall after Wikileaks released a wealth of emails hacked from the DNC that many pedophilia experts say indicate government involvement in pedophilia.

In a statement following the Oklahoma Senate’s sanctioning of Shortey, Senate President Pro Tem Mike Schulz said the move was not intended to be “a presumption of guilt or innocence.”

“The Oklahoma Senate has full faith that the judicial system will play out appropriately and bring this matter to a lawful conclusion,” Schulz said. “This resolution reserves the right of the Oklahoma Senate to pursue further action if more facts come to light.”


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