A photo of an elderly man feeding his wife during a “date night” has gone viral.

While eating at her local Wendy’s restaurant on February 24, a woman noticed an elderly couple dining together a few tables over. After initially smiling at the couple and looking away, the woman noticed that the man would take a bite of his dinner and then feed his wife a bite of her own.

“In between bites, I saw this gentleman feeding his wife. My whole life I’ve yearned for a love that strong,” the woman wrote after snapping a photo of the couple with her iPhone and uploading the photo to Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/lovewhatreallymatters/posts/1421243114564749:0).

The woman said that as the man passed her to throw away his leftover food, she asked him how long he and his wife had been married.

“He looked at me and asked me to guess his age but not to guess too low,” she wrote. “After a few guesses he told me he was 96 and his wife is 93,” she continued. The gentleman went on to tell the woman that his wife is suffering from Alzheimers and that they were there for “date night”. He told the woman that in June they will celebrate 75 years of marriage.

“Getting all the way to the end of the line with the person you started out with is one of the most glorious things on the face of this earth,” the poster wrote. “Could a couple be more blessed than to have that happen? To share a love and bond that only grows as we age, that is a beautiful thing.”

Since being posted to the page “Love What Matters”, the picture has gotten more than 139,000 likes and nearly 5,000 comments from users touched by the love of a lifetime.


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